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Cult Ceramics Vinegar Vase

Cult Ceramics Vinegar Vase

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The Vinegar Vase is Cult Ceramics' debut product. Designed with care, craft and meticulous attention to detail by Billy Lloyd, it is a stylish and contemporary vessel to turn your leftover wine into healthy, delicious living vinegar.

Conceived in Burgundy, designed in London and lovingly manufactured in the elysian pottery fields of Stoke on Trent.

The Vinegar Vase is slip cast by hand in porcelain. The pots are being manufactured in late spring and will be ready for delivery in early Summer. By purchasing a pot you are effectively pre-ordering it and your Vinegar Vase will be delivered once the pottery has worked its magic.

Each Cult Ceramics Vinegar Vessel will come with:

1 x Cult Ceramics Vinegar Vessel base with chosen coloured lid

1 x Bottle of Cult Vinegar Starter culture (AKA The Mother)

1 x Cult Vinegar Recipe Booklet with How To Guide