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Our first living ingredient is a range of delicious and healthy Cult Vinegars.

Cult Vinegar is made in small batches with premium wines. I started making live wine vinegar after discovering it whilst visiting a friend in Burgundy. I'd previously only experienced commercial vinegar - which is normally pasturised - or balsamic vinegar which is incredibly sticky.

Because the vinegar is not pasturised they retain their live bacteria which are seen by many as being good for their health. Vinegar is thought to help with conditions such as arthritis, skin conditions and numerous gut conditions (for more on this, read Gut).

But aside from that the vinegars are delicious - with far more character and mellowness than you'd expect. The dropper bottles are inspired by the wine thief pipettes that wine and vinegar makers on the continent use to extract their precious liquid. I'd like to encourage you to use these droppers to lovingly spread droplets of vinegar over your salads; to splash vinegar over your steak; and to give some white wine vinegar a squirt over your fish and chips.

I have created a range of vinegars from a wide variety of wines partly to demonstrate the spectrum of options you've got to experiment with in your Vinegar Vase; but also to showcase how each vinegar has its own character.

Opt for Red or White Wine Cult Vinegar. Or choose from our special range of varietal vinegars which showcase the unique characteristics of different wines; such as 1998 Fronsac Bordeuax, Champagne, German Riseling, Ruby Port, English Red Wine Vinegar, Barrel Aged Fino and Oloroso sherry vinegars.

I've written a range of recipes using Cult Vinegar over on the blog.

If you've got any recipes you'd like to share, please email me at jonathan@cultceramics.co.uk or tag the image with #cultvinegar on Instagram.

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